Sunday, June 7, 2009

My first Blog

Today i had a crazy idea a crazy idea to start a blog. i had no idea an what to what this blog would be about, but i started one. Now i am realy interested in airplanes and would like to be a fighter pilot when i grow up, so when i was asked what my domain name would be i had to think just one second before i knew what i wanted to write my blog about. In the upcoming blog i will write about aircraft news, airforce news, and my personal experiences with airplanes. i am planning on taking flying lessons in a this or next summer, so i will keep you updated on that. in this blog i will have weekly news for everthing aviation. for my first week i have some airforce news. june 6, a flight of f-15e's dropped guided bombs into caves that held anti-afgan forces armed with assault weapons and rocket proppelled granades. the bombs detonated towards the entrance of the caves trapping the un-killed troops in the caves tunnels. well thats all for this week. news story provided by news.